Sunday, January 31, 2010

This weekend the Elders Quarm in our ward put together a pine wood derby for the whole ward anyone could partisipate so Kyle and I decided that we would make a couple of cars and see how we do. Then Kyle found out that there was a unlimited class which ment you could do anything to your car you wanted to you just could not use fire. Well of course my husband was very excited and this is the idea he came up with.

First he took a VCR which I got from Island Threft Store here in Oak Harbor and took the motor out of it.

Then he took his block of wood and cut out places to put 5 9volt baterries which ran the motor. It was pretty fummy watching him sauter everthing together he looked like a little kid.
Now I decided to just do a stock one. I designed it and sanded it and everything like that but Kyle cut it out for me.

This is Kyle's finished project.

And this is my finished project.

Take a look for your self and see how kyle did.

Kyle won 2 prizes 1st place in the unlimited class and most underpower car.

I didn't win first place or anything like that but I got most colorful.

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