Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had lots of visitors which meant lots of fun. First my Uncle Tim and his daughter Hannah came to visit (I know she looks really happy to be in Washington). Then my brother came for his annual visit to the Pacific Northwest. We were going to try to kid nap him and have him live with us till my parents move here but I think my parents would have missed him just a little.

Miss Wanda wanted to take her boat out and so she let Kyle take her 62 ft yacht for a little stroll. Kyle did a great job driving it he had to back the boat all the way out of the marina because it was to tight of a space to turn a 62 ft boat around.

Finally the Soptich reunion. It was so much unfortunately I forgot to take pictures so I only had a few but I think they are pretty good ones. My favorite is the one of Kaden trying to hit the pinata with his tongue hanging out defiantly priceless.

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Crystal said...

Love the update. It has been a good Summer!